Zeteo's Fall Issue! (and Science B)

While apologizing for how Zeteo work has kept me from Montaigbakhtinian posting, I am pleased to announced the publication of our, Zeteo‘s Fall 2013 issue.

Check out:

It’s all at http://zeteojournal.com/. And also included is my own piece:

  • A proposal for a new science (“Science B”), one of perhaps many possible sciences in which the distance separating perceiver and perceived may be thought to disappear. May I note here that this essay was happy to find itself in dialogue with a blog conversation that had been conducted by two of the people, or blogs, on my blogroll: Ed Mooney’s, Mists on the Rivers, and Kelly Dean Jolley’s Quantum Est In Rebus Inane.

The next Montaigbakhtinian “real” blog post should be ready by next Tuesday (26 November 2013), and will be on the Balthus show currently at the MET Museum in New York.  A “taste” from the current draft of the conclusion:

Like a big-city street, an art museum gives us permission to look, encourages us to look, and we are grateful, likely too grateful, for that. But when it is the scrupulously painted folds of Thérèse’s underpants we are seeing, we may be reminded that the viewing falls short of our expectations. A life of seeing, and of being seen, is not all we have wanted.


Photograph is of Henrietta Lacks.

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