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While getting in my 5 kilometers at the local Y, I recently found myself being peppered with questions by a young tourist, a teenager, running on the the treadmill right next to me. I think this person mainly wanted to practice some English, but I did my best afterwards to recall the questions (and to smooth some of the rougher edges). It seemed to me that the young foreigner had a fresh perspective, let’s call it, on at least one aspect of modern life.

I think I understand why men and women (I mean “straight” men and women) are not supposed to use the same locker-rooms. So then what about straight and lesbian women using the same locker-rooms? Or what about straight and gay men sharing the same locker-rooms? (And then there are transgender and gender-neutral people.)

Shouldn’t there be more locker-rooms [a wider range of locker-room possibilities] for people to choose from? But then who would choose who goes where? Would everyone be assigned a place based on their chromosomes and their DNA— would there be badges? — or would it be up to each person to choose for herself? And could people change their choices — for instance if they decided to surgically change their sex, but also on a given day when their hormone levels or their mood were different? [E.g.: “Today, I just want to be left alone.” Or, “today” I don’t want to be left alone! Or, “If I have to see one more naked man fondling his privates in the shower, . . . “]

I know which locker-room I would choose were it up to me.


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Image is of a sculpture by Hong Kong artist Johnson Tsang.  More available via Google Images (for Johnson Tsang).

The last “fresh perspective” in these pages (or post) was Going Nowhere (A Fresh Look at the Movies).

The last piece emerging from the Y locker-room was Flip-flops.

Meanwhile, to get a room at the Y or use their facilities: Vanderbilt YMCA.

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