Faits Divers

On Starting Over

1     Driving a friend’s car, turn on the radio, NPR, I think. An actress is talking up a play she is in. Once a big name in Hollywood, now she is doing Brecht at a regional theater. She’s knows the… Read More ›

Zeroing In

FROM SEQUENCE 2013 August 2013 [Click for pdf] This will be an unusual, oddly (usefully?) repetitive, experimental piece or post. I had an idea. At first it seemed an idea for one of my aphorisms. Then, late one night, as… Read More ›

Two sisters

From Poems Autumn 2009 Two sisters got married, two sisters divorced The older though shy would not live alone The younger most wanted a home of her own. The older to a street party went for a man Found a… Read More ›

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