First Sentences

Reblogging “A Week of Reading” From Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing [One in an ongoing series of posts. For the full series see Zeteo is Reading (ZiR)] [Click for pdf of full text] [1] K.J. Dover, Greek Homosexuality While reading manuscripts… Read More ›

Oops—Kant's Wood Recalled

RECALL ANNOUNCEMENT June 2013 Dear Dear Readers, We are writing to inform you that today we are voluntarily recalling one lot of our Montaigbakhtinian products (a.k.a., “In Kant’s Wood”), which was produced between May and June 2013 at our Paris… Read More ›

Of courtesy

FROM SEQUENCE 2 March 2000 We might urge people to do unto others, etc., or, per Kant, to act only in accord with a principle that they would at the same time will to be universal law, but we should… Read More ›

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